I am Mechi and I am an online fitness coach who fell in love with the healthy lifestyle 3 years ago after losing almost 30 kg (66 lbs) through strength training, a healthy flexible diet and the aid of neuroscience and behavioural psychology which helped me build the necessary discipline to stick to my meal and workout plans long enough to see real results.

About My Program:

You're going to be working with me, one-on-one, in order to achieve your fitness goals, whether that is fat loss or muscle building or both (toning).

Not only that, but we will be having a weekly call, where we'll discuss your fitness plan strategy, I will hold you accountable and I'll also be giving you actionable steps: 

A custom meal plan and a personalised workout plan (gym or home, according to your needs).

Additionally, you will get a step by step easy to follow mental map based in the basics of neuroscience and behavioural psychology that will help you achieve the discipline you need in order to finally get real results.

You'll also learn everything you need to know about your nutrition, workouts and mental health.

I will also teach you how to make healthy eating both easy and delicious, with meal prep classes and cooking classes where you'll learn all the tricks to make healthy, tasty and low-calorie meals filled with protein and micronutrients.

All of this and much more will be available to you in order to help you achieve your fitness goals and to ensure you're taking action to get real results!

Book a free clarity call with me and let's discuss your goals and the best strategy to achieve them! 

See you there!